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Welcome to the Dymo King "99012" shop. This site is dedicated to selling one thing - Dymo 99012 Large Address Labels - and to sell them at a great price. We are one of the UK's largest Dymo resellers, and our massive purchasing power allows us to bulk buy these LabelWriter labels at great prices.

The 99012 Large Address Label is the most popular LabelWriter label by far, and as well as address labels it can also be put to many other uses, including barcoding, filing, product labelling, and the new Royal Mail SmartStamp system.

Dymo 99012 Large Address labels are 89x36mm, plain white paper with permanent adhesive and come in rolls of 260 labels. There are 2 rolls in each box, giving a total of 520 Large Address Labels.

These are all genuine Dymo labels

Dymo 99012 Labels Dymo 99012 Labels
A single box of 99012 labels, so you can try them before buying in bulk - just to make sure you're happy with the size. 
£12.49 (ex VAT)

Dymo 99012 - 6 boxes Dymo 99012 - 6 boxes
6 boxes of genuine Dymo LabelWriter Large Address Labels. Each box contains 2 rolls of 260 white labels each (89x36mm), giving a total of 520 labels per box.

Only £11.50/each. 

£69.00 (ex VAT)

Dymo 99012 - 12 boxes Dymo 99012 - 12 boxes

Only £10.83/each. 

£130.00 (ex VAT)

Dymo 99012 - 24 boxes Dymo 99012 - 24 boxes

Only £10.42/each. 

£250.00 (ex VAT)

Dymo 99012 - 48 boxes Dymo 99012 - 48 boxes

Only £10.19/each. 

£489.00 (ex VAT)

Now use Dymo 99012 labels for Royal Mail SmartStamp!

SmartStamp is the new system from the Royal Mail that allows you to print your own stamps directly from your Dymo LabelWriter printer! As well as printing the stamp you can also add your own company logo, slogan or even your return address.

There are various LabelWriter labels you can use for this, depending on what additional information/logos you want to add, but Labelwriter 99012 labels are amongst the most popular sizes for this purpose. If you need more room for logos and/or return addresses go to our main Dymo Labelwriter Labels site and try the 99014 labels instead.

99012 Labels work with with the following LabelWriter printers: EL40, EL60, 310, 320, 330 Turbo, 310 II, 320 II, 330 Turbo II, 400, 400 Turbo, Duo, Twin.

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